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©Moulin Rouge Savoir Faire
An evening at the Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge appears just as it does in the…
A Culinary Retreat for all the Senses

One villa stands out above the rest, and that is…
Lyon Through His Lens

. Passion: What was special about Lyon for you? Lowell: Lyon’s segregated architecture, from classical to modern. As you move through the city, you go…
© Tahiti Nui Group – Gregoire Lebacon Black Book
France, romance, tahiti
Prelude to a Tahitian Dream

We were on our own private island, lying on the beach, digging our toes into the soft, white sand. He turned to me and I…
© Yves Herman Art & Culture

You can’t have movie stars without actors in the spotlight: 40 minutes and not a minute more, in the suite of a palatial hotel, with…
Kneife researches a potential purchase Black Book
France, Magazine, passion
A Passion for the Puces

Call it “beauty struck.” To my left: mid-century Scandinavian chairs that would make designer Philippe Starck drool. To my right: a glorious array of vintage Goyard trunks. Straight ahead: a mélange of…
310, Les Glénans Concarneau France Now
High Sea Credentials

The school, called Les Glénans after the islands, has established such credibility in training sailors of every ability level, from rank beginners to…
© Maia Flore Art & Culture
Imagine France, A fantastical voyage by Maia Flore

France and its cultural treasures offer an incredible playground for an artist as imaginative and elegant as Maia Flore. Her Sleep Elevation collection—images of beautiful…
Ines de la Fressange Lifestyle
The quintessential Parisienne

Some people have difficulty making a name for themselves. “Madame Inès de la Fressange,” as she is referred to by her assistant, is not among them; in fact she is…
© Ch‰âteau de Vaux le Vicomte Black Book
Playground for Princess

A guide in an elegant blue gown invites the children to climb up to the “magic room,” which is bursting with princess and musketeer costumes.…
Zaltana Lodge©Altipik Black Book
Starry Night

Moonlight on the Riviera At the Moonlight Chalet, not far from Nice, the focus is on “green”—lodges built from recycled materials, organic bed linens, herbal…
Antibes Tourism Office Black Book
Beach Business

You may even have had to the chance to take in the world-class musical festival, Jazz à Juan. Soon, your excuse for heading south might…
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